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We all know and agree that walks are essential for the vitality and health of the furry member of our families. At My Dog Buddy we have observed that pets exercise needs can sometimes take the back burner due to the busy nature of our lifestyles.

This means we leave less and less time for our treasured dogs. We know that this change in their routine can drastically affect their moods and behavior.

That’s where we come in, we understand that when dogs receive their daily dose of exercise and love, it provides long-lasting and impactful benefits, so we’ve designed a business that caters specifically to them. We want to ensure that with just a click of a button, your dogs are well taken care of regardless of how busy and hectic life gets for you.

Different Types of Profile


A Parent profile will provide us with the information we need such as your location, your breed and size of the dog, their needs, and your expectations in order to match you with the appropriate Buddy (Dog Walker) based on their experience, abilities, and reviews to ensure they can handle your Furry Kid(s) adequately. The App will be able to match you with a selection of Buddies from which you can select according to your preference. We will also provide a feature that enables you to rebook for repeat walks.

Dog Buddy

A Buddy profile allows you to complete your details as a Buddy, your level of experience, the dog types you can handle, and the areas which you can cover. It allows you to upload a short bio, experience, location, availability, professional certificates, clearance certificates, and references.

Once your profile is approved, you can then be matched with the parents whose requirements meet your profile.

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How does it work?

The process of signing as a parent or a dog buddy is as simple as A, B, C.

Once you have completed your profile and have created your login details, you are good to go! The parent can proceed to select the preferred Buddy from the match and start booking your furry’s exciting walk(s). The App will take you to the package(s) and after selecting the preferred package, it will prompt to the payment tab and on confirming your payment, your dog can look forward to their happy walking days!!!!

Proposed Fee Structure

Package per Dog per 30min






Weekly (minimum of 2 days per week)



Monthly (minimum of 2 days per week)



Additional 30min


Additional dog/sibling per hour




We recommend that the parent specify the routes, as you may have already acclimatized your furry kids with specific routes and have already established safe routes.

Where parents have not specified preferred routes, My Dog Buddy together with the Buddy will recommend a safe route within your neighborhood and based on the distance allowed as per the booking rate.

A dog leash is a pre-requisite for the walk. Off-leash walks are not allowed as they come with undesirable risks to both the dog as well as the Buddy. However, exceptions, only in special cases where the parent’s route is in an enclosed area and the parent has signed an indemnity for this purpose can be accommodated.

We prefer a handover from the parent to Buddy however, if the parent has built trust with a preferred Buddy and has special arrangements, this will only be approved when the company has been notified of such an arrangement in writing and an indemnity to this effect been signed.

Please use our app to calculate the cost.

We are still in the process of looking into other payments methods. We will announce these as soon as they are available.

We provide private one on one dog walks, however, depending on the parents’ requirements, where the parents have two or more dogs, the siblings are accommodated at an additional sibling rate. Please use our app to calculate the cost.

We have a detailed emergency procedure which all Buddies are trained in, parents should read and acquaint themselves with it in order to efficiently carry out their joined roles and responsibilities during such an occurrence.

The App is user-friendly and will indicate when the preferred Buddy is available and not available. The parent will have the option to choose another suitable Buddy which would have been matched with their profile. Our policy doesn’t allow Buddy to hand over the dog to another third party.

We have an emergency procedure, which our Buddies are trained in conducting once they are met with an emergency. We will expect each parent to sign an Indemnity, as well as to provide My Dog Buddy with the medical aid details of the dog and VET(s). In a case of an injury, My Dog Buddy will have at its disposal the Pet Taxi operating in the area, and depending on the nature of the injury, they should be equipped with basic first aid kits as well as be competent with the PET CPR. Pet Taxi will transport the dog to the nearest VET if the parents’ preferred VET is far from the walking route. All this will be spelled out in the emergency procedure. Each pet should wear a collar with all the emergency details.

At this stage, we offer exclusively premium and private dog walking services. You will be the first to know of any upgrades or additional services via E-mail, SMS or Push Notifications on the app.

Other services, such as Dog Boarding, Doggy Day Care, Dog Parlours will be accessible as affiliates on the App.

Yes, all our Buddies will be vetted and are expected to download their vetting certificates on their profiles. We will also ensure that we reconfirm them with the SAPS. On expiration, we expect the Buddies to conclude the vetting process to always ensure the validity of the vetted certification.

Yes, we will provide parents with the Buddies’ references. Once the Buddies have been with My Dog Buddy for at least a week, they will also begin to accumulate their Buddy ratings from parents.

The App provides notifications from the Buddy to the parent(s) and visa-versa.

We advise parents to stick to some form of a routine as this provides the dogs some predictability and bonding with the dog walker. Say, Mondays and Thursdays, or Wednesdays and Saturdays, a daily routine is preferable, say Mondays to Fridays (mornings or afternoons). This will ensure the dog(s) get acquainted with the Buddy and the routine.

This version of the App does not provide for the GPS functionality. We hope to include this functionality in the upgraded version.

Yes, the parent can either elect to use their credit later when booking. Should the parent elect to receive a cash refund, this will be done and the bank’s lead time will be factored into as well as service fees charged by the banks.

We have third-party insurance for your peace of mind and for those unforeseen circumstances.

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